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The Danger of Buying Insurance Online

beware when buying insurance online

WHEN is a bedroom not a bedroom? Maybe when it’s a playroom, a study or a walk-in wardrobe? That may be true in the eyes of the homeowners, but it is not a view necessarily shared by the insurer; to them a bedroom is still a bedroom regardless of how it is actually used. Earlier… Read more »

Open Plan Home Improvements

Time and again we see TV programmes urging us to knock down internal walls and build extensions to give us more room and let in more light. Rarely do we hear them warning of the dangers. It is now too late for this property owner to check and resolve any weaknesses or gaps in insurance… Read more »

Home Renovation & Extension Insurance

Now we all know the huffing and puffing of the big bad Wolf failed to bring down the three little pigs brick house…..but be warned, builders can unintentionally succeed where the Wolf failed. So for anyone planning to have any building work done at home it is essential your home buildings and contents insurers are… Read more »