Open Plan Home Improvements

Time and again we see TV programmes urging us to knock down internal walls and build extensions to give us more room and let in more light. Rarely do we hear them warning of the dangers.

It is now too late for this property owner to check and resolve any weaknesses or gaps in insurance cover. The same applies to their building contractors &/or Architects or structural engineers.

They all must hope and pray everything is in order.

According to reports internal walls had been removed in the course of home improvement work being carried out. This suggests the roof collapsed because load bearing walls or floors had been weakened or removed undermining the structural stability of the house.

Whatever the reasons the homeowner now owns a heap of rubble and will need money to make it safe again and rebuild.

Insurance policies, where they exist, will now be examined in great detail, not only by the home owner, each and every building contractor thought to have a hand in the building works, structural engineers and architects….but also by any insurer involved.

– Public Liability insurance of Main Contractor & any Contractors employed independently

– Removal and Weakening of Support insurance covering collapse and adjoining property damage

– Professional Indemnity of all Construction Professionals engaged in the plans and designs

Any corner cutting to save money on development costs or insurance protection could now prove to be extremely expensive.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get expert insurance advice before work begins. Call The Alan Stevenson Partnership on 0161 928 3991for advice.

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