ITV Turn to Alan Stevenson Associates for Expert Comment on Liverpool Fire

Alan Stevenson Partnership director, Peter Stevenson, has appeared on ITV giving expert comment on the New Years Eve Fire in Liverpool.

Peter, who has worked in insurance for 40 years, was interviewed on camera at our Altrincham office by ITV reporter Ralph Blunsom.

The footage was then used as an extended feature on the early and late evening Granada Reports news on the same day (Tuesday Jan 2).

Peter said: “They wanted to focus on the human impact and how people will deal with claims for the vehicles and their contents, what problems they might expect i.e. negotiating car values, excesses and additional premiums at future renewal dates and so on.

“It’s difficult to look at specifics, but taking some ballpark figures I calculate that claims could easily exceed the £10million mark without adding in the cost of replacing vehicle contents.”

“We were as upset as everyone to hear about the terrible fire in Liverpool on New Year’s Eve – and were equally thankful no one was hurt.”

The Liverpool Echo Arena car park fire, saw around 1,400 cars destroyed and many families stranded in the city, after fire broke out in a seven-storey structure.

It is thought that the blaze began in the engine of a Land Rover.